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The audience votes for their favorite pair made up of community leaders and dance instructors from around the Valley.Don't miss out on the fun, buy your ticket today!During Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, the teens at my library will discuss Jennifer Shaw Wolf’s and a representative from Peace Over Violence will be there to answer any questions about teen DV.What I want to stress about these kinds of programs as that we need to declare that whatever happens at this event stays at this event.The behaviors are selective, intentional and generally increase in severity over time.Kaity’s Way has been hosting the “Step Against Teen Dating Violence” (SATDV) every year since 2010.

The researchers found that among the students in the study: These findings have several implications for policy and practice.Finding ways to engage these teens or to reach them in other settings could make dating violence intervention or prevention programs more effective.Third, the finding that teens who did not report dating violence in the first study and who had strong social support and lived with other children suggests that social and familial support might serve as a key prevention factor.To set you up for success, below is important information about teen dating violence, prevalence and health effects, as well as resources that can help you talk with adolescents, friends and family members.Teen dating violence is far more common than you might think.