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As the infographic cheesily summarizes the results, "Low population states for the win!

It must get awfully lonely there..." The company also found that Americans spend billion on sex toys annually, that 44 percent of women 18 to 60 have used one, and that 78 percent of those women were in a relationship when they did.

This ought to be sobering information for anyone in the digital media business.

Porn is often a bellwether for the ad industry as a whole, and has suffered an extreme version of what the traditional media sector has suffered during the digital revolution: The disintermediation of its revenues from its content and an audience that is as happy with the free, pirated version as it was the with original pay-version.

While giving Newsweek and The Daily Beast the cold shoulder, Mr.

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IAC expects that percentage growth to accelerate into the low double-digits during the second half of the year, it said.Tinder, America’s fast-growing online-dating juggernaut, last week unveiled its first big branding partnership aimed at its core audience of millennial fling-seekers: a neon-drenched video-ad campaign hyping Bud Light’s mega-keg party, “Whatever, USA.” Meanwhile, over at Tinder’s less-youthful rival e Harmony, a recent ad saw its 80-year-old founder counseling a single woman besieged by bridesmaid’s invitations to take some time (and, of course, the site’s 200-question compatibility quiz) to find that special someone: “Beth, do you want fast or forever?” Both companies are dominant forces in America’s .2 billion online-dating industry, which in the last few years has quickly become a bedrock of the American love life."I really think we'll reach a point where everyone single will be using technology in some way to help them make romantic connections," said Greg Blatt, CEO of IAC/Inter Active Corp, during an earnings call on Wednesday."This is one of the things that people are willing to pay for online even when there are free alternatives." Overall revenue for the quarter was 9.4 million, ahead of the anticipated 1.6 million. IAC owns 150 brands, including College Humor, Vimeo, Newsweek and The Daily Beast.