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Uploaded with ###://surfmypictures.com:surfmypictures Nicolas Cage PP - July 31st, 2015I sent an email to the Studio Fan Mail email address and got back this PP.I actually got 5 of them back today, not worth anything, but now I know what to expect from those emails.Nicolas Cage bought himself a pyramid in New Orleans in 2010 when he was 46.He didn't explain why he had the pyramid built, but theories suggest the tomb is a nod to his National Treasure film, a place to stash large amounts of cash or it symbolizes his 'membership' in the Illuminati In the US, pyramids were a part of the 'golden age of mausoleums', from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of the Great Depression.a few hours after announcing his marriage is ending.Nic and his chick -- sporting a colorful kimono -- hit up celeb hotspot Asanebo in the Valley on Friday, making this a pretty high profile evening. As we reported, Nic and his wife of nearly 12 years, Alice Kim, have been separated since January ...I was hesitant to see this movie for the longest time.

Not just any pyramid, a mausoleum where he apparently plans to be buried after he dies.

There was some major PDA going on too, so we can assume Nic's serious ... although they just went public with it on Friday afternoon.

Saturday night he was in Las Vegas at Carrot Top's show, and his date appears to have been the same woman ...

Theories and speculation abound about the unusual move.

Some believe it's a nod to his film National Treasure, others think it's somewhere to store massive amounts of money or that it symbolizes Cage's 'membership' of the Illuminati.