Intj and intp dating

Maybe when he's my age he'll see the importance of those things, or maybe not.Just because it's hypothetically possible doesn't mean you're obligated to stick around and wait.The INTP tends to be inside their heads a lot and will think through things.They have an internal logical framework of the world and they prefer to come to conclusions by themselves. The INTJ is energized by alone time and will use it to help sort out their thoughts.The INTP may have trouble with emotional individuals as this 'does not compute,' they being so logical, analytical and objective with no time for anything they see as 'fanciful.' An INTP would not be motivated by someone saying, 'please,' or by emotional pleading.Rational argument, logic and intellectual theory are the routes to the ‘heart’ of the INTP who will have no problem taking the hard decision, as long as it is the 'right' decision, one based on logic and evidence.In my last job, I worked with a male INTJ in his 20s, and oh lord.He was brilliant and hilarious and I loved eating lunch with him, but he cost us multiple important relationships because he just could not see that sometimes the fact that he was right was less important than the fact that it was none of his business!

Two introverts who speak the same N language and share the same logic-based approach to the universe should be able to work out a way to have a relationship in which both of them get their needs met. It depends so much on how mature they both are, whether they're able to express their needs clearly, how good they are at listening and acknowledging each other.The INTJ prefers intuition to sensing (Through Introverted Intuition).The INTJ wants to understand the underlying meanings and connections between things.INTPs are relatively easy-going until something violates a principle.Then they can become outspoken, inflexible and unreasonable, switching from reserved to actually enjoying the heated drama.