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Dear reader, in personal celebration of my 200th written article on Horror Geek Life, I decided that the only suitable means of reaching this milestone was to get fucking wild.

So, if you’re here and you want to party, allow me to paint the only picture the world has ever needed. original horror is scarce after the genre devolved into slasher sequels and gory cheese throughout the 1980’s.

With the Cujo Smart Firewall device, all you have to do is connect it to your home router and then follow the step-by-step setup program on their mobile application.

It has a bit of a problem negotiating obliques and contours of hills.”Indeed, like all pets, Cujo has a few issues.

Recent tests have afforded the million robotic mule a tour of military bases in California and Massachusetts, and of course, much pampering and TLC after intense combat simulations on difficult terrain wore it down.“I was surprised how well it works,” said Lance Cpl.

Brandon Dieckmann, who watched You Tube clips of LS3 before joining the infantry and being randomly selected to operate the robot during RIMPAC.

Rather than devouring each of the Newtons and gnawing on their bones for the comfort and pleasure of his own teeth, Cujo’s plan is subtle: Gradually become more sinister (eat a bunny, stare menacingly while Mr. Newton fornicate) and pick the family members off one at a time, starting with the little one.

Meanwhile, Beethoven stirs from his sleep when he hears footsteps in the forest.