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“I’m still going to get my year [of sobriety].’’ She told me she lost it after her dog died and she took a “little break’’ from her boyfriend.

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She was Tatum O’Neal, the former child actress who had spent years hooked on heroin, sobered up, and then one day decided to score crack and cocaine from a drug-addicted panhandler on a downtown street. ’’ Tatum O’Neal told me triumphantly shortly after getting sprung from jail.

Currently four episodes in, it'd premiered on NBC on May 30, and Jennifer's also an executive producer on the show, according to its IMDb page.

Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan returned to LAX on Thursday after a week-long break together.

That film made him quite popular and acquired massive fan following across the world.

He was quite popular for action films and commercial films in the Hollywood Film Industry.

Who is channing tatum currently dating