Danisnotonfire and amazingphil dating

In March 2010, Charlie and Stephen had a messy break up (cheating was involved but some people say Charlie cheated and others say Stephen cheated.Charlie also punched Stephen in the face and broke his nose).He was born in Rawtenstall, England and he has been making videos since 2006.

From his llama love and derping all the way to his cat whiskers and swooping fringe, Dan is a man of the people, so take a seat and prepare yourself for 25 facts you really should know about your favourite internet friend by now.

Charlie then said Dan should probably just leave it alone because Dan wouldn’t want Charlie saying what he wanted to say, in such a public place.

Wirrow then stepped in and said Charlie shouldn’t be saying anything private in a public place and Dan once again acted like he didn’t know what Charlie was talking about.

" Dan pried."Nothing." "You have your shirt over you mouth and you’re smiling." Dan observed."What?

" I said trying to disguise my goofy smile, putting the blue cloth of my shirt above my nose.