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I didn’t know you just, like, get cars from strangers.”According to an insider, Kris helped Yalcin pull off the big surprise.“Kris played an integral role in orchestrating the gift of the Rolls-Royce from her close family friend, Saygin, to Kendall," the source tells Us.The stunning, dark-haired Ameerah, 30, was Alwaleed’s fourth wife, and their split is said to be amicable. But they support each other, and they are good friends,” a spokeswoman for the princess told me. One of them is the mother of my two children.” Ameerah — who was in Manhattan a couple weeks ago having lunch with Jenna Bush, Gayle King and Arianna Huffington — runs a production company, Time Entertainment, and a youth charity, Tasamy Social Initiatives Center.

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The likes of Justin Bieber have called the place home in the past.– Saudi Arabia's 30-year-old deputy crown prince is looking toward the future with his new "Vision 2030" plan—a plan that includes pulling the kingdom out of its overreliance on oil and leaning more on non-oil investment to transform it into a global power, Reuters reports."We will not allow our country ever to be at the mercy of commodity price volatility or external markets," Prince Mohammed bin Salman told reporters gathered at a Riyadh palace Monday.Think of me when you snark on the Kardashians and the spirit of Ayyyy will never die. On tonight’s Madam Secretary episode, Henry (Tim Daly) tries to help Dmitri, (Chris Petrovski) who’s having trouble adjusting to his new life in Phoenix.