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The will come to that complain page and will post his comments with different id and will states that it is not fake but dont get into his trap. He is continuing his fraud activity for the last 7 years and making huge money every month around 2-3Lakh by duping innocent people.

Document is getting ready to file a case under section 466 & 477A that will put him behind the bar 4 at least seven years.

I just checked it out, looks like a bunch of potentially malicious scripts (XSS, Java, Flash, etc...) All I got was a blank page. Various complain has been registered on consumer court portal that you can check online by visiting this link. Actually he is an India guy from Kerala who is publishing various fake women picture to lure lusty guys like you and making huge money.Exemplos de arquivos para sincronização do Hiper Connection Arquivo de clientes Download do exemplo Arquivo de produtos Download do exemplo Arquivo de consulta de vendas Download do exemplo Arquivo de inclusão de pré-venda Download do exemplo Manual do Hiper Connection Introdução Qual a finalidade deste documento?Entendendo os conceitos utilizados no guia Bloco 0: Dados gerais Registro 0001: Abertura do arquivo Bloco A: Clientes e fornecedores Registro A010: Pessoa física Registro A020: Pessoa jurídica Bloco B: Logística Registro B010: Produto Registro B011: Grades do produto Registro B012: Unidades de medida secundárias do […] Registro D010: Cadastro de pré-venda Este registro tem por objetivo possibilitar o cadastro ou alteração de uma pré-venda.