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I have been dating a woman for 14 months, who on a daily basis tells me she loves me.She says that “I complete her” and we talk a lot about our future together.It's a huge indication of intelligence, and honestly, isn't that one of the best traits to look for in a partner?So why exactly do sarcastic women absolutely kill it when it comes to flirting, dating and partying?In an effort to provide more balance to the show — and perhaps give our male audience the benefit of a woman’s perspective on this particular subject for a change — we’ve invited therapist and makeover expert Kimberly Seltzer back to talk about flirting for women.She’ll also tell us about her How to Create Attraction Package, which is geared for women men.The Art of Charm began exclusively to help men excel at business, love, and life.Then we discovered an increasing audience of women who would tune in to the podcast and tell us how helpful we’ve been for them, commonly requesting that we might consider tailoring some episodes toward their needs.

If your cute friend is finding excuses to touch you now and then, it’s a sure flirting sign.So we are broken up because she claims I am a "Jealous Pyscho" and I misread everything.Every person I spoke to, man and woman has told me that sexual banter from an ex boyfriend when you are in a 14 month exclusive relationship is inappropriate.As an Art of Charm listener, you get your first two meals free here! Save 30% on new webhosting packages here with Host Gator by using coupon code CHARM!(Direct Download Episode Here)Kimberly Seltzer is a makeover and confidence expert, therapist, and dating coach based in Los Angeles, and she works extensively here with us at The Art of Charm.