Rapid keyboard composition for organ dating from the baroque period

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Alto sax player Idris Ackamoor formed the original Pyramids with Margo Simmons in the early 1970s. They met as students in Ohio, formed a band (as you do) and left America for Paris (the Art Ensemble of Chicago, along with a multitude of other Black American musicians, had already made the journey).

In earlier times the knowledge and taste of a child were formed by the music heard ‘live’ in his immediate geographical area, much of it of local or regional provenance, written within the lifetimes of his musical mentors or, very occasionally, of their teachers.

Thus, an examination of Salzburg’s musical life at mid-century cannot fail to clarify the nature of Mozart’s symphonic upbringing, even though he was enabled, rather exceptionally, to experience at first hand the music of most of the important centres of Europe during the tours of his youth.

At the other extreme from Rohrau were places renowned for the creation and dissemination of this young art-form.

Comes on a salivating great designed picture disc by Rita Ackerman. Price: 50 Euro“Following a number of small run releases (and an appearance on a recent volume of PSF 's Tokyo Flashback series) here's a vinyl only set of Sabu Orimo's solo shakuhachi work.

Recorded by Orimo in 2007-2008 and played on unlacquered natural bamboo flutes.

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Spin it at a party and everyone will still be dancing at dawn.