Bitdefender constantly updating Sex date no email needed

The bad update causes the anti-virus program to flag thousands of legitimate Windows and Bit Defender program files as a threat called “”Fake Alert.5”.

The Romanian software firm said the glitchy update has been removed and that the company is working on a fix for the problem.

If this does not work then please try the following: Please set the system date to a time in the future.

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I never experienced such thing on any Windows version before so maybe there is something I need to do in Windows 10 to prevent this from happening. Sul, Cause: Bitdefender Total Security 2016 is causing this problem Fix: Right click on hosts file, properties, security, give only read access to "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" user/group.

Bitdefender, a leading Internet security technology company protecting 500 million users worldwide, announces that its collaboration with Europol, the FBI and the US Department of Justice (Do J) has led to...

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Windows 10 is commenting out my hosts file entries. Although I manage to save the changes but they will be commented out after around 1 hour.