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You can find information on tracing and profiling in the Yocto Project Profiling and Tracing Manual.For information on Bit Bake, which is the task execution tool the Open Embedded build system is based on, see the Bit Bake User Manual.I answered a question on stackoverflow that started to turn into a brain dump of the debugging techniques we've learnt while building this brand new stack. This project system is brand new (written from scratch), the Nu Get client is new, the dnx is new and evolving quickly. We have plans to make it so that packages can mark the minimum dnx that they require to run to make the error message more clear. Within visual studio, there is a process that runs called the Design Time Host.While everything is still evolving, here's that answer reposted here as a blog post (slightly modified). When things go bad it's easy to throw your hands up and complain (please keep complaining), but with a little help and practice, you'll be diagnosing problems like a pro in no time (and sending pull requests! Also as time goes by, the breaking changes will die down and this issue will fade away... It's an instance of the DNX that Visual Studio and Omnisharp use to drive intellisense and diagnostics for based projects.NET Framework 3.5 SP1." Windows Server 2008 R2 has . As a workaround, rename projects to remove the space or manually add the dependencies.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 as an optional component of the operating system, but by default, this prerequisite is turned off. For example, rename the When you build Setup projects in Visual Studio 2008, you may see errors such as "The command you are attempting cannot be completed because the file filename.vdproj is under source control and cannot be checked out." Setup projects do not auto-checkout files from source control.Finally, you can also find lots of Yocto Project information on the Yocto Project website.For general Yocto Project system requirements, see the "Setting Up to Use the Yocto Project" section in the Yocto Project Quick Start.

This occurs if the managed custom action does not implement the Install action.

(file:/C:/dev/runtime-Eclipse Xtext/ line : 12) ERROR: Couldn't resolve reference to Entity 'Has Author'.

(file:/C:/dev/runtime-Eclipse Xtext/ line : 16) ERROR: Couldn't resolve reference to Type 'String'.

The Install action creates the .installstate file, and the other actions update the file.

To work around this error, implement the Install, Uninstall, Commit, and Rollback actions in the custom action. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 as a prerequisite in Setup projects, Visual Studio does not generate a bootstrapper or Setup program to install the language pack for a different locale.

Could not get dependencies for project reference validating website