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R diabetes, may need small changes at workplace so continue succeed at.§1630 our program people serious reversing gabriel cousens, md has been helping reverse 25 years.That said, some job offers (such as for police officers) may hinge on your ability to pass a medical evaluation, which takes place after a formal offer has been made. Some employers have their own medical staff while others will accept reports from your doctor.A job offer may be rescinded based on exam results, but only if your health will prevent you from doing your job or if it may put you or your coworkers at risk. Most jobs don't require a medical evaluation, so whether or not you talk about your diabetes is up to you.The most common type of health insurance coverage in the US is employer-based insurance, covering almost 50% of all Americans in 2015.Despite its prominence, employer-based health insurance can be challenging to navigate, and living with diabetes makes the process of understanding and accessing employee health benefits like insurance all the more critical.The workplace is different for everyone, and so everyone’s experience of managing their diabetes at work will be different.

Footnotes jan’s accommodation compliance series designed help employers determine effective accommodations comply americans.

This guide breaks down employer-based insurance, employee health benefits, and the rights of people with diabetes in the workplace.

We hope this guide helps you better understand employer-based insurance, maximize your health through work benefits, and know and protect your workplace rights as a person with diabetes.

Adjustments might include extra breaks for blood monitoring, or taking food.

Or perhaps you might need a larger computer screen if you have eye problems.

Accommodating diabetes in the workplace