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Alien Loves Predator, or ALP, (2004-) is a webcomic written by Bernie Hou. Predator, ALP presents an Alien (named Abe) and a Predator (named Preston) as friends and roommates in current-day New York City. There is currently no mention of the the status of either Mr.

Reversing the adversarial relationship depicted in Alien vs.

Many of the comics focus on Abe and Preston sitting around their apartment or walking the streets, commenting on New York City, baseball, or girls, with a rotating cast of extras like Bill Clinton, Jesus, or sentient body odors.

The tag-line is "In New York, No One Can Hear You Scream." Which, if you live here, you know is kinda true.

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It’s a different New York City than the one we’re used to, where political correctness now includes our brothers from the stars, dating a 20 foot tall hideous alien queen is socially acceptable, and Jesus is the star player of the Yankees. As web comic formulas go, Alien Loves Predator is pretty standard.I can't believe I'm impressed by what should be a crummy clichéd joke, but it works because of all the panels before it. In part, it's played off as "anything goes in this town." On occasion, tho, people are scared to death of them, or aliens are begrudgingly tolerated (but with open bigotry) by society.Or maybe I'm just still amused by the great restaurant window joke - it's really a perfect self-aware, pop culture joke. They get into fights without jail time, or might have the cops trailing them. One arc involves the two traveling to the future to kill Will Smith, who is now the Prez and is churning the anti-alien sentiment into a frenzy. Sometimes the roomies talk about the latest "Alien" and "Predator" films, trashing them or accusing them of casting "humans in alien face." Preston finds he needs glasses, which is pretty embarrassing for a hunter. Since 2004, Hou has released "Alien Loves Predator," a web comic that recasts the 2 creatures as walking, talking, jovially combative friends and roommates getting by in NYC.The Alien is called "Abe," and "Preston" is the Predator's name. Abe's the kind of jerk who'd mutely stare at a woman's chest (not even on a date, just anywhere), but he'd admit it if the woman asked. ) sensitive guy, but he's less confident and direct.