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From a story just published: Some Amish are asking for a life sentence for the man convicted of beard cutting attacks. Fourteen letters is more than just one or two isolated people writing.

A year after a series of violent beard-cutting attacks tore apart a break-away Amish community in Bergholz, Ohio, the residents have opened up about the ordeal as they anxiously await sentencing of the 10 men and six women convicted of hate crimes.

Above, members of the Bergholz community are seen leaving federal court in Cleveland on Monday Leaving court: Sam Mullet Sr and 15 others were convicted three years ago of restraining and forcibly disfiguring Amish people with whom they disagreed.

Above, Werner Lange holds a sign reading, 'FREE THE AMISH', as he stands outside the federal court in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday Met by the press: The sentences for three men who initially got five years were lowered to three years and seven months.

The other eight convicts, including six women, have already served their sentences Shocking assaults: During the 2011 attacks, some of the victims were awakened in the middle of the night by members of the Bergholz-based breakaway Amish group, before being restrained and viciously disfigured Religious: At an earlier court hearing, a sheriff testified that one bishop's hair was unevenly chopped to the scalp by Mullet's followers, leaving his skin bloody.

Above, five Amish men at the courthouse three years ago Mr Bryan tried to evoke sympathy for Samuel Mullet by pointing out that his wife of nearly 40 years died in November and that some members of the sect, situated near the panhandle of West Virginia, have left the group, including a co-defendant whose husband was resentenced on Monday.

'Tight control': Mullet (pictured) did not participate in any of the attacks, but assistant U.